Speeding up the flow of airfreight through “Cargo Arrival”

…The process saves arround 45 Minutes per AWB. For K&S founder and CEO Rainer A. Stawarz the solution has passed its test. “The process used in our »Cargo Arrival« model can be transfered to other airports too” he said.


Background scanning of the electronic assessment decision (eAD) and bordereau

Still not a well-known fact: loggPRO®.edec may optionally perform a background fetching of the electronic assessment decision (eAD) or Bordereau and pass them into the corresponding user’s database!

It’s not new – therefore actually no “news”, but a still not a well-known fact:

➡ loggPRO®.edec may optionally fetch the electronic assessment decision (eAD) and Bordereau automatically and put them into the corresponding user’s database!

The issue: the eAD as well as Bordereau are due to the procedure issued and generated electronically by the customs, with a time delay. However, immediately submission to the user, such as the “mailing” known from the other procedures, is currently not intended – instead, the documents are stored in a user’s mailbox, without to notify anybody about it. As a result, eAD’s and Bordereau’s interactive picking-up (by “push of a button”) is an integral part of the “edec” processing and is something that many users still insist on – e.g. because of the extremely sensitivity of these documents.

So far so good. However, the business life, especially in the logistics industry, does not necessarily invite you to relax 😉 – therefore more and more users of loggPRO®.edec entrust the collection of eAD / Bordereau to our Deamon. It works permanently over the night and performs the background fetching for the user. Thus, the working day can start with already updated data – just as if the documents had been delivered by customs!

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ITJ 2016 49-52: “Value of information on the rise. E-AWB – the breakthrough is on its way”

22nd Airfreight Seminar of the SSC. Workshop “Paperless in Air Freight…”

WShop2017ENVictoriaJungfrauNext Event 26 – 27 January 2017:

22nd Airfreight Seminar of the Swiss Shipper’s Council
Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa
Interlaken, Suisse

Workshop “Paperless in Air Freight – Presentation of a Successful Implementation”

Rainer A. Stawarz, K&S Informatik (Schweiz) GmbH, CEO/Founder;
Nico K. Pereira da Silva, K&S Informatik (Schweiz) GmbH, COO.



INTRASTAT messages – now within loggPRO®.atlas!

INTRASTAT-Meldungen (bei innergemeinschaftlichen Warenbewegungen) konnten bislang nur losgelöst vom Applikationskontext in getrennten Apps bzw. über OnLine-Portale getätigt werden; maßgebliche Daten waren hierbei quasi “noch einmal” einzugeben… :mrgreen: Nun funktioniert INTRASTAT direkt vom loggPRO®.atlas aus!

transObjects® 5th Generation becomes a new Release

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ITJ “A breakthrough in the digitalisation of the airfreight sector” / “A Workshop at the 17th SSC Seafreight Conference in Interlaken”


Track & Trace with loggPRO®

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Review »The “e”-Future of Transport Documents: eFreight, Track & Trace«

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Workshop »The “e”-Future of Transport Documents: eFreight, Track & Trace«

SSCLogoAddrUnionJackWithin the framework of the 17th seminar of the Swiss ShippersCouncil (SCC), which will take place on 21 and 22 January 2016 in VictoriaJungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, Interlaken (CH), the [K|S] Informatik will host a workshop on:

• The “e”-Future of Transport Documents: eFreight, Track & Trace
· by [K|S] Informatik (Schweiz) GmbH, Rainer. A. Stawarz (CEO), Nico Pereira da Silva (COO)

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the rapidly advancing digitalization in the international cargo business, but also to point out the opportunities and risks and limitations – especially against the backdrop of the already advanced IATA projecteFreight” on one hand and in view of the future project e-B/L on the other.