“eAWB” und “eManifest” with loggPRO.efreight

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End of 2016 / beginning of 2017 still an ambitious digitalization project – in the meantime, the electronic air cargo documents “eAWB” and “eManifest” have become an integral part of modern air cargo logistics

But especially the Swiss K&S Informatik, which has been committed to the “efreight” project of the IG Air Cargo from the beginning, does not simply offer a software for the “eAWB” and the “eManifest” issue. The loggPRO®.efreight is rather a subsystem for connecting to the worldwide digital air freight logistics. Not least thanks to the evolutionary transObjects® technology, we can now review the 4 years in which we have helped to design and develop the eFreight System.

 see “eAWB-Performance” of the IATA from July 2020. Continue reading ““eAWB” und “eManifest” with loggPRO.efreight”

Background scanning of the electronic assessment decision (eAD) and bordereau

Still not a well-known fact: loggPRO®.edec may optionally perform a background fetching of the electronic assessment decision (eAD) or Bordereau and pass them into the corresponding user’s database!

It’s not new – therefore actually no “news”, but a still not a well-known fact:

➡ loggPRO®.edec may optionally fetch the electronic assessment decision (eAD) and Bordereau automatically and put them into the corresponding user’s database!

The issue: the eAD as well as Bordereau are due to the procedure issued and generated electronically by the customs, with a time delay. However, immediately submission to the user, such as the “mailing” known from the other procedures, is currently not intended – instead, the documents are stored in a user’s mailbox, without to notify anybody about it. As a result, eAD’s and Bordereau’s interactive picking-up (by “push of a button”) is an integral part of the “edec” processing and is something that many users still insist on – e.g. because of the extremely sensitivity of these documents.

So far so good. However, the business life, especially in the logistics industry, does not necessarily invite you to relax 😉 – therefore more and more users of loggPRO®.edec entrust the collection of eAD / Bordereau to our Deamon. It works permanently over the night and performs the background fetching for the user. Thus, the working day can start with already updated data – just as if the documents had been delivered by customs!

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22nd Airfreight Seminar of the SSC. Workshop “Paperless in Air Freight…”

WShop2017ENVictoriaJungfrauNext Event 26 – 27 January 2017:

22nd Airfreight Seminar of the Swiss Shipper’s Council
Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa
Interlaken, Suisse

Workshop “Paperless in Air Freight – Presentation of a Successful Implementation”

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